IAS 2015 and countryside hotels of Ramenskoye Region

This year the local inhabitants’ eyes were shot for the sky. August 25-30. 2015 was a period of the International Air Show

These days countryside hotels in Ramenskoye enjoy great popularity. It is definitely more convenient to accommodate in the quiet area not far from the event location than to spend long hours to reach here from Moscow. There are foreign and native companies representatives.

This is an excellent occasion to value not only the achievements of the native aircraft industry but also make new friends and meet potential business partners.

More and more people choose IAS as an area for communication with state authorities. Traditionally the President opens the International Air Show. Besides it is a good way to represent the products of your company in the most beneficial way, to get critique from the leading constructors and investors. They are also looking for accommodation that’s why countryside hotels in Ramenskoye can become not only the place for a good rest but also the area for informal communication.

What way was the International Air Show held previous years?

In 2011 there was the record number of participants- 842 companies. There were representatives from 40 world countries (total number more than 220 exporters). Agreements reached during the anniversary International Air Show in general exceeded 10 billion dollars. The same situation was in 2013. The record number of participants was broken and there were 1000 representative companies from 44 countries. In exhibition pavilions and above them were settled 256 aircrafts and most of them were native production. Partly the participants arrived from the capital and the rest of them accommodated in the countryside hotels of Ramenskiy region as it is the most convenient for transfer.

Where can you stay in Ramenskoye?

IAS is traditionally visited by the great number of guests, so in 2013 there were fixed more than 187 thousand visitors per day. Countryside hotels (Ramenskiy Region) including our complex are ready to provide rooms for IAS participants and visitors. We offer not only to reserve the room for accommodation but also convenient transfer and delicious meals in our restaurant. Also you can rent the Conference Hall or Chill- Out where you can discuss business issues with your partners and outline the strategy of deal. Our hotel is located in the green area, where you can have a rest from the noise which always accompanies Air Show.