Banquet Hall

Hotel “ Diamant” gladly presents you the Banquet Hall.

The farourable location of the Banquet Hall in Bronnitsy far away from the hustle and bustle, will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of privacy with your nearest and dearest people while celebration. Free parking in the courtyard, without any doubt, will attract our guests. In the restaurant of the hotel “ Diamant” you can use free Wi-Fi, enjoy the view from the stained glass windows, discuss the most convenient way of payment for this event with the executive manager.


Restaurant “ Diamant” in Moscow Region holds up to 300 guests that can allow to have no limits in possibility to invite both all your nearest people to the celebration and the firms and corporations to gather all the employees at the same place- in our Banquet Hall. The construct of our Banquet Hall includes several areas of work in our hotel. We can suggest corporative events, weddings and banquets for big companies.

Refined interior with the slight European charm is decorated in light colors. The décor does not have any unnecessary details, all of them are thought over. The materials selected for décor are exclusive and high- quality. Pastel colors, pleasant music, cozy and warm atmosphere provide relaxation. You can enjoy the perfect cuisine and forget about the daily troubles and affairs.

Big Banquet Hall is decorated in classical style. But restrained interior can be changed according to your wish and the decorators will help you to turn it either into thematic for the corporate party, cheerful and joyful for kids’ celebrations or romantic one for the wedding. One has only to add some decorations, flowers, balloons or something like that. The Banquet Hall has three separate entrances, bathroom units, a big bar. The restaurant “ Diamant” is equipped with all necessary gears including a big screen with a projector, a stage and a ground for dancing.

Round and square tables can make possible to set the tables for your celebration in a proper way according to your wish including European seating. And for corporate parties we can suggest buffet dinner with the special menu. The air conditioning systems are available in the Banquet Hall “ Diamant” that allows to set the thermal conditions at your discretion.


You will be served by well- qualified and kindly staff that is ready to help in organization the unforgettable holiday, and to suggest a great choice of dishes and beverages. Waiters will provide you fast and efficient service. Caring administrators will help to arrange the menu for the banquet as well as to solve any problems available according to the peculiarities of the event.


European menu is suggested in the restaurant “ Diamant”. The chef will gladly cook any dish if you would like to order and you will be satisfied with the dish. You will feel care and respect from our staff. A variety of dishes for welcome- reception, cold and hot appetizers, main grilled dishes and also cooked in the oven, varied side dishes and exquisite desserts… and this is not a complete list of everything suggested in the restaurant “ Diamant” for your occasion.

Staff of the restaurant “ Diamant” in Bronnitsy is glad to invite you to attend our New Banquet Hall and will organize your event very fast, efficiently and with maximum comfort for booking the celebration you will never forget. The hospitality and sincerity of our staff will remain for everybody invited to the holiday as the sweetest memories about the celebration.

To book the banquet at the restaurant “ Diamant” contact on the phone 8 800 250 44 80 , for more detailed information send @- mail or you can arrive and discuss all the details directly at the restaurant. We will be glad to meet you!