VIP Chill-Out Karaoke Room+X-box 360

Cost : 1500 rub. per hour;
Holding Capacity: 20 guests;
Interior: soft sofas and arm- chairs, muffled light and, room isolated; hookah.

The hotel “Diamant” holds different stocks and client days. The necessary information will be given in the appropriate section of the site. The regular guests will get extra privilege. They can have the permanent reservation for the table in the restaurant or the certain room in the hotel in the case they are available. We value every client and try to please or amuse giving a number of discounts and presents. The hotel is situated not far from Domodedovo, so some special offers are available for transit guests, such as transfer discounts or superior transfer instead of standard. If you are not informed about the special offers available you can get all necessary information after your arrival to the hotel.

If you think about the idea for the party, we are full of fresh ideas, such as talent show or karaoke marathon. Even if you are not a great singer, nobody will judge you. It is only fun and entertainment for your friends or colleagues. While arranging corporate party in Moscow suburban in the hotel “Diamant” certainly will use the Chill- out area where you can not only sing karaoke but also smoke milk or vine hookah, play X- box and have a lumiere disco party.

Our guests adore this rest area and make parties just here. Surely take advantage of this chance to relax in the cozy atmosphere, to perform your favourite song or to learn new hit in Chill- Out area.

Please your colleagues and arrange the corporate party in Moscow suburban with karaoke and dancing. Karaoke was invented in Japan at the end of the 70s the 20th century. At first everybody was sure that this kind of entertainment will be quickly forgotten, but now it is the indispensable event of every corporate party and jubilee. This singing fun is great for everybody because:

  • collective singing unites people;
  • helps to discover hidden talents;
  • it also helps to overcome fear of public performance.

. Our karaoke- hall is completely isolated from the rest area, so your vocal experiments will not disturb other guests. While holding the corporate parties or any other celebrations in our hotel in Moscow suburban, our guests perform on the improvised stage: you can feel as a real star in the twilight lit only with disco ball flicker. Karaoke program includes thousands of tunes and everybody will find some of them that can satisfy your wish and music taste.

Karaoke for corporate parties in Moscow suburban

Some companies selecting the place for corporate parties are often interested “Have you got karaoke?” Our respond is “Yes, sure.” And it is not just karaoke, it is a real recording studio: all necessary modern equipment is available, RC microphones and powerful stereo. This entertainment is so popular not only with corporate guests but also with all our visitors. For instance, married couples with their kids entertain themselves having a good evening time sitting in the cozy sofa of our rest zone, singing their favourite hits or making singing battles.

For sure, everybody cannot sing well and moreover a lot of people do not enjoy public performances and even feel fear of stage. Karaoke can make people feel more relaxed and this music game gives everyone the opportunity to feel as a vocalist, so don’t hesitate and perform your favourite song in our comfortable karaoke hall.